Building Confidence

Tackling fear of change and creating joy in your work - with Lisa Hutton.

January 18, 2023 Sue Reid Season 1 Episode 19
Building Confidence
Tackling fear of change and creating joy in your work - with Lisa Hutton.
Show Notes

Lisa Hutton has spent years changing careers and countries several times so that she can build up a wealth of experience and knowledge in various industries.  Lisa's story is amazing. She's got bucketloads of courage and next-level leadership skills. She's gone from being a farm girl to a career in stockbroking and then turning her hand to constructing pharmacies and oncology labs. It's probably safe to say she could turn her hand to just about anything.

Now a career and personal development coach, Lisa combines her knowledge to empower others. Lisa has a deep understanding of people. She's very supportive and generous in her approach and identifies ways to encourage growth and development in others.

In this episode, we are talking about the level of confidence and courage needed to take on many roles in many places and what to do when your current job does not bring you joy.

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